The Behaim Circle is an extended family of practitioners that lives in and around Jacob's Bell, and amongst the most influential, with 300 years of history. The Behaims are Chronomancers primarily, but they are also Dabblers. With various family members tapping into other disciplines. At present they have a rivalry with the Thorburn Family, although Aimon Behaim and Rose Thorburn Senior had a close relationship themselves.

Recently the family has entered into an alliance through marriage with the Duchamp Coven, but that seemed to have fallen through.

Family SecretsEdit

Each member of the family stores their own personal time into a device called a timekeeper, removing their perception of time and allowing it to be stored for later. Either as a personal reserve or the family 'pool'. This usually has a terrible rate of return with hours getting becoming minutes. Essentially a miniscule amount of the course of a month.

The Belheims have a family ring that is bound to their Bloodline. Always finding its way back to them. Not matter what happens to it. Further they also have a Clockwork Weapon largely immune to most magics.

Family MembersEdit

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