Bane are a type of artificial Others made through Necromancy and Alchemy. Their natural counterparts are Nosferatu.


A perversion of death, their creation involves finding a victim suffering from a blight of body, already within the grasp of Death, they yet hold a breath of life. The Dark Necromagus must be at the bedside of the deceased as they cross over, to catch the breath in a prepared vessel.

Thrice must the blighted man be bestowed that foul breath that escapes the mouth of the long dead, as airs and humors bloat the corpse, the soul released at death introduced between each to accept and accommodate those airs most foul. During these times the body will be well restrained, as the soul will be in the worst of agonies and the body will not be limited to their normal strength.

For a blight of bone, the skeleton will be stripped, softened and re-hardened by alchemic admixtures. For a blight of the lower stomach, the intestines will be dragged out and repurposed.


The appearance of a Bane depends on the type it is and what sort of blight the victim suffered from.


The Bane are obedient to a fault because the soul is broken many times over. They are ideal for attacking unaware Practitioners and killing them as they have abilities that are ideal for confronting them. At the same time they have a number of weakness that can be exploited.


  • Magic Resistant: Most magic curses and hexes will simply glance off of a Bane
  • Supernatural Strength: It is noted to have a level of above average strength.
  • Supernatural Durability: The body is stronger than ordinary due to alchemical and necromantic treatments.


  • Natural Energies: Natural energies can be used as a conduit to allow the life energy to escape the dead prison. These include:
    • Green Wood
    • Fresh Bone
    • Lighting Strikes
    • Running Water (Natural Source)
    • Fire (If not pre-treated)
    • Daylight
    • A spike of crystal
    • A stalagmite with a history of attachment to the ground