The awakening process is a ritual which gives practitioners the ability to see, use, and bargain with spirits and magic. It has been called the first step toward becoming an Other. Doing so binds a practitioner by the rules and contracts set forth by Suleiman Bin Daoud, restricting their use of lies and making them a target for others.


The person being awakened draws 3 concentric circles from chalk around them, each made of smaller circles. Five in the first, six in the second, and seven in the third. In each of the circles in the inner ring are bowls with crystal, myrrh, oil, spice, and either Holly or iron. In the second ring goes a dagger, a hourglass, a dreamcatcher, a skull, a coin, a rose, and something personal. In the outer ring goes food offerings for the witnessing Others- molasses, milk, vegetable ash, honey, meat, and alcohol. Candles are placed around the outside, and incense needs to be lit and metal ore heated. The person being awakened then strips naked, sits in the center, and reads a certain text. This triggers the awakening.


  • It is unknown if people can see Others and related entities without a ritual, by moving through the Abyss for example.