The Attwell family are a family of illusionists.

The family is based in Toronto, bound in service to its Lord: Conquest. Tragedy surrounds them as every member as the bd family members all tried their hands at freedom.



A string of tragic events surrounding them as its members all tried their hands at freedom.

They came under 'his' service due to the actions of Joseph Atwell in his pursuit of Courtney Canfield. Mr. Canfield sacrificed himself to Conquest in order to render Joseph Forsworn.

Matthew was born into this arrangement and was bound into Conquests service when he came of age. Matthew did everything in his power break free before ultimetly deciding to suicide from recklessness.

His sons continued in 'his' service. One had a child and gave his life to save several strangers. The other, Malcolm or Fell as he preferred, was able to free his family by making sure the 'he' would lose a contest.

Malcolm died but his niece Emily, was free. Emily later helped the family of her liberators with their own problem.

Toronto ArcEdit

Thanks to Malcolm they were free when Conquest was bound.

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  • Attwell comes from old english, roughly meaning one who lives by a stream.

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