Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Dead
Classification Faerie
Affiliation Johannes
Chapter Histories 14

Arthild was a Winter Court Fae that fell under the command of Johannes Lillegard after he tampered with the local rat population for four months until something took notice. She was his ace in the hole and was killed facing against Faysal Anwar.


A faerie with a great rat pelt drawn over her shoulders. She could turn into a rat, big enough to fill a smaller room, hair sparse, flesh purple with the veins just beneath the surface, stomach bloated and writhing.


  • Shapeshifting: Through the use of a rat pelt and glamour, she turned into a rodent large enough to fill in a small room. In this state she was mad, frenzied, and there was a deeper instinct driving her actions
    • Spawning: She was capable of spawning a ton of more rats.