Aimon Behaim
Personal Info
Alias Aimon
Age  ?
Gender Male
Status Dead
Classification Practitioner
Affiliation Behaim Circle
Occupation Chronomancer
Chapter Interlude 1

Aimon Behaim was the leader of the Behaim circle after the death of his father, Malcolm Behaim, which is one of the most influential groups in Jacob's Bell. He was a Chronomancer who was secretively close to Rose Thorburn Senior and harbored little ill-will against their family. He served the allied forces during world war two, against German practitioners, until he was bitten by a Ghoul with a flesh rotting wound that never healed, permanently costing him the use of his right hand.


His wrist was mangled from the bite of the ghoul, flesh had necrotized, turning black, and bone was visible in places. He had cuts and scrapes on his face from his fight with Roselyn.


Aimon felt pressure from his family, to follow the duties of the head as they were and all the restrictions that followed. During the war he changed because he had to keep his unit safe from other practitioners, so when he was forced away from the field and back into Jacob's Bell, he found it to be a sort of quiet hell.

The stress and pressure led to the incident with Roselyn, whom he grew close to enough to be friends and allies, even to love one another although never at the same time.



Aimon served as a soldier during the war when he ran across a ghoul that was pretending to be a corpse and ended up being bitten. The injury was too severe as the flesh started rotting and he had to return home to recover. When he came across Roselyn, he mocked her and dropped rain from the tree leaves above, resulting in a fight that further devolved into sex. The ensuing conversation had him attempt to be kind, as he didn't want any sort of hostility to ensue from what happened, but Roselyn merely stated that they kept it between them.

She later returned four days while he was working at a post office and explained that she had to send a package to the Lord of Montreal for an incident and the conversation evolves to her discussing a revolution in the way their families worked. She wanted him to be her ally and to give him a light possession, but he refused because he may have been called back to duty and other obligations, but agreed to serve as an ear to listen to her.

Thirty-five years later, at his father's funereal, he and Rose sever the ties of the family binding him and freeing up future generations. Because Roselyn needed more time, he worked on doing so while she would teach his son, Laird Behaim, how to counter Demons.